Debora Coombs stained glass
This is a practical, hands-on workshop with daily slide presentations, drawing exercises and specific instruction on the design of painted stained glass. It covers cartooning (making full-size black & white shaded drawings) and making cutlines (the working drawings or patterns). Together with the design, these specify the information needed to fabricate a stained glass window successfully.

Stained glass design will be taught seminar style via Powerpoint presentations. Cartooning and cutlining will be taught via hands-on drawing exercises and individual assignments.

Students will learn how to translate images into stained glass via a process of graphic analysis that includes creating a traceline from a drawing or photo; distinguishing between local color, shadow & texture; and breaking the image into areas of different color/glass.

Successful stained glass is a marriage between art and structure; between colour, line, imagery, and lead. Cartooning is a time for decision-making and practical problem-solving. How do I make/paint/cut this in glass? Where do I put the lead?

A cartoon provides the visual reference for glasspainting. It also provides information needed to create a cutline. An accurate, carefully notated cutline provides the precise information required for glasscutting and assembly of the stained glass panel.

At the end of the workshop each student will have a cartoon and cutline of their design ready to take back to their own workshop or send out to a professional stained glass studio to be fabricated.

Class size is small, tuition individualized. Students may bring their own projects for review/critique and their own drawings or reference material to work from.

Maximum class size is 6. Classes run from 9am-4pm with an hour for lunch. The studio is open extended hours from 8am-8pm for independent study.

Fees include lunches and drawing materials (this workshop does not include cutting, painting or assembly).

All levels may apply, from beginners to professionals.

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