Debora Coombs stained glass
The workshop begins on a Sunday night with dinner and slides, and runs Mon through Friday. The location is my studio in Readsboro, southern Vermont. Tuition fee includes lunches and snacks.

Students will learn how to mix, thin, and apply kiln-fired lead-free paints with an inexpensive, non-toxic food additive, plus techniques that enable lively, expressive trace-lines, printed effects using lace, plastic and rubber tools, and how to create faux textures such as stone, wood, fur and fabric. We start with group exercises that explore innovative methods of application, and then move swiftly on to individual projects. Students who wish may work on self-portraits.

My glasspainting techniques make it easy to achieve beautiful results, even for beginners. These intensive workshop are also really helpful for experienced glasspainters who want to develop greater ease and fluency.

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