Debora Coombs stained glass
I teach stained glass design and glasspainting to professional artists, children and beginners aged eight to eighty.

I have taught stained glass at art schools throughout the UK, in the US, including the Pilchuck Glass School near Seattle and at my studio in Vermont.

The stained glass pictured here was all designed, cartooned, cut and painted by students during workshops or residencies.

2016 Schedule of Workshops

Credits (from top left): Clara El Choueri (portrait of Chuck Close); Carol Slovikovski (classical interior); Hallie Monroe (landscape); first-time glasspainter Tiger Waterman (her cat, Purr); Chantal Pare (after Burne Jones); Phil Ertel (landscape); Kate Grady (portrait); Liza King (untitled); 3rd grader Jacob Keplinger (self portrait); and his friends at Stamford Elementary School in Vermont.
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